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Bondi's Palace, across the archway near the cathedral steps, is a fine example of 16th century Spanish architecture. It was formerly the town-hall where the Gozo Commune met to discuss local business or to entertain its guests. The palace is now the Gozo MUSEUM OF ARCHAEOLOGY.

THE OLD LAW COURTS are now a Magistrates' Court for Gozo. The house was erected under the rule of Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt (1697 - 1720) whose escutcheon still adorns the facade.

Also in the Citadel there are two Siculo-Norman structures which have lately been restored. They have primitive double lighted windows similar to those seen in Mdina. One of these houses, in Milite Bernardo Street, has been converted into a FOLKLORE MUSEUM.

In the narrow street which runs along the fortifications, in front of the Cathedral, another old house is still in a good state. This is now a NATURAL SCIENCE MUSEUM.

THE OLD GOZO PRISON, at the end of an alley beside the south side of the Cathedral, is worth visiting. This medieval house, which used to form part of the Cathedral, has now been converted into a Crafts Centre showing the various handicrafts such as lace, weaving, glass and iron ware and silver and gold articles, all of which are on permanent display. Entrance is free of charge. Visitors will find the interior of these houses interesting.